Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Twenty years ago, your marketing effectiveness was a function of the width of your wallet. Today, your marketing effectiveness is a function of the width of your brain.

– B. Halligan & D. Shah (Hubspot)

Modern marketing is more ‘inbound’ in approach and rather than using traditional tools for advertising (like the print media), it’s more effective if brands use social media, blogs or SEO to initiate a direct dialogue with potential customers. These new methods are worth exploring and clients are advised depending upon budget. For my clients, I suggest a mix of organic as well as paid promotions via social media and blogs.

Social Media strategy is devised once every quarter and a plan created for the same. The following platforms are used effectively for my clients-

1. Facebook
2. Instagram
3. Pinterest
4. LBB

The profiles are closely monitored for views/ engagements, likes/ follows, interactions with prospective customers and overall growth potential. Depending upon the client, the profiles are updated regularly and insights reviewed. A sound ‘content marketing strategy’ contributes towards creating positive interaction and brand building



Content is the atomic particle of all the rest of the Brand’s marketing campaigns.

– Rebecca Lieb (Author)

Good content goes a long way in ensuring positive engagements and brand image. Customers believe what they say if it’s said in the ‘right’ way. The content becomes the backbone of every communication that is broadcasted to the public. All my efforts are mostly focussed around creating and marketing, engaging and relevant content across the social media platforms. For most of my clients, I have aided in creating:-

1. Content for social media (Graphics, photography, copy)
2. Content for the blog (Own as well as Guest blogs on third-party portals)
3. Content for the website (Photography, graphics, and copy)

Social Media Content Samples



All thanks to social media, influencer marketing has gained momentum owing to a lot of success stories. There are a lot of popular individuals who have influence over potential customers, and a lot of brands orient marketing activities around these influencers. I have used this tool for a few of my clients . Where the idea has always been to engage relevant social influencers who may have followers from potential target.  


Social influencers selected for a particular brand have to Be:-

1- Relevant to brand category
2- Own a USP that’s in sync with the brand image.
3- Non controversial
4- Genuine content creators (profiles should be genuine and have relevant engagements too)



Blogging contributes quite effectively in boosting the SEO of a brand. Blogs help a lot in creating positive brand imagery. Also, a third party blog adds more credibility to a brand. For my clients, blogging has been an effective way of reaching out to new customers.

There are two types of blogging options available:-

1- Self-written blog on own website or Guest Blog on another website
2- Third party blog (Where a third person writes about / mentions your brand positively)